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    Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
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What Makes a Successful Salesperson?

24 Jun 2021
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What Makes a Successful Salesperson?

For a salesperson, true success does not end at making the sale. The aftersales accounts maintenance is equally important to ensure that the salesperson receives ongoing business from their customer. The characteristics found within a successful salesperson are purposely nurtured and matured over time. They’re consistent to maintain their developing relationships to ensure that they add value through their products and services.

Below are characteristics of successful salespeople

  • Understands the dynamics of the customer’s marketplace
  • Knows the specific needs of his or her customers and how to meet them
  • Consistently brings new ideas and suggestions to the customer
  • Flawlessly executes on services sold (or provides quality products on a consistent basis)
  • Follows up consistently, and
  • Maintains ethical business practices.

Primary Characteristics of Successful Salespeople

Results Focused

Focused salespeople always keep their eye on the ball. They are about meeting targets and they consistently work towards getting the leads and making the connections they need to make more sales. This is evident in their time management skills; they take every opportunity to work towards securing sales.


Experiencing fear is normal, this is especially true for salespeople especially when approaching new prospects. Great salespeople may experience the fear, however they do not allow it to overpower them. They manage it through taking time to prepare for meeting their prospects. They acquire the product knowledge necessary to sell their product.

High Energy

Top salespeople know that they have to think outside the box, go the extra mile and transcend the status quo in order to impress prospects and make the sale! Having high energy or great enthusiasm and a good attitude will go a long way in catapulting this kind of salesperson to stand out among his/her peers.


Knowing people, possessing good communication and skills, being able to establish and maintain rapport with not only prospects, but other salespeople and industry influencers is a powerful tool for any salesperson. This significantly improves the chances of being received well and making the more sales. It might be uncomfortable, however, this skill can be learned and improved up.

Trainable and Committed to Growth

Great salespeople purposely nurture their sales skills. They are mindful enough to hold themselves to high levels of excellence and always push themselves to exceed targets. They are objective to realise the areas in which they are failing and seek training in these areas so that they can make an improvement.

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