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Foundation to Sales

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  1. Session One: Course Overview
    2 Topics
  2. Session Two: The Role of a Sales Person
    3 Topics
  3. Session Three: The Sales Conversation and Closing the Deal
    9 Topics
  4. Session Four: Sales Success Factors
    1 Topic
  5. Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
    Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
    1 Topic
  6. Session Six: Point of Purchase
    2 Topics
  7. Session Seven: The Importance of Good Sales and Customer Relations
    15 Topics
  8. Session Eight: Sales Ethics
    4 Topics
  9. Session Nine: On-line Sales Techniques
    15 Topics
  10. Session Ten: A Personal Action Plan
    3 Topics
  11. Course Summary
  12. Recommended Reading List
Session 9, Topic 14
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Include Social and Sharing Buttons

24 Jun 2021
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Yes, it is great to get a sale, but even better than that is to then have that person share your information.

Social sharing networks have made it easier than ever to promote and share your company information, products or even sales and incentives you may be offering.

Invest in social sharing buttons for the top channels.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Also add a “like” button and “email a friend” button for additional sharing options.

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