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Foundation to Sales

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  1. Session One: Course Overview
    2 Topics
  2. Session Two: The Role of a Sales Person
    3 Topics
  3. Session Three: The Sales Conversation and Closing the Deal
    9 Topics
  4. Session Four: Sales Success Factors
    1 Topic
  5. Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
    Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
    1 Topic
  6. Session Six: Point of Purchase
    2 Topics
  7. Session Seven: The Importance of Good Sales and Customer Relations
    15 Topics
  8. Session Eight: Sales Ethics
    4 Topics
  9. Session Nine: On-line Sales Techniques
    15 Topics
  10. Session Ten: A Personal Action Plan
    3 Topics
  11. Course Summary
  12. Recommended Reading List
Session 7, Topic 5
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Listen to Complaints and give Alternatives

24 Jun 2021
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Be attentive to clients’ complaints and be careful to respond quickly. Keep in mind always that the client perceives you as a problem solver. When a complaint is raised, provide options to solving the problem, don’t add to the problem, or even worse – ignore it, belittle their concern.

Be open minded to realise that customer complaints are often times good feedback -use them as a platform for innovation and growth.

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