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Foundation to Sales

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  1. Session One: Course Overview
    2 Topics
  2. Session Two: The Role of a Sales Person
    3 Topics
  3. Session Three: The Sales Conversation and Closing the Deal
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  4. Session Four: Sales Success Factors
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  5. Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
    Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
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  6. Session Six: Point of Purchase
    2 Topics
  7. Session Seven: The Importance of Good Sales and Customer Relations
    15 Topics
  8. Session Eight: Sales Ethics
    4 Topics
  9. Session Nine: On-line Sales Techniques
    15 Topics
  10. Session Ten: A Personal Action Plan
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  11. Course Summary
  12. Recommended Reading List
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Friendly Persuasion

24 Jun 2021
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Friendly Persuasion

The “art of friendly persuasion” sounds very complicated. However, it is just a matter of someone convincing someone to view and accept ideas from your point of view.

Requirements for effective friendly persuasion:

Have an honest interest in the prospect – Know what it is that would make their lives much easier. Actively listen to understand from their point of view.

Build rapport with the prospect, do not say things which will close the prospect off. Rather focus on their interests and build on from there. Asking open-ended questions will assist in building rapport.

Be sure that your body language mirrors what you are conveying verbally. Be sincere.

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