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    Session Five: General Industry Terms and Concepts
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The Six Essential Sales Skills of the Modern Salesperson

24 Jun 2021
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The world has fundamentally changed. Whacking customers over the head won’t cut it anymore. Today, information is readily available, and customers are more demanding than ever. They do their own research, they are connecting with each other, and most importantly, they are aware of their options.


There is an abundance of information readily available for prospects therefore these days, they’re are not solely dependent on salespeople to provide the expertise on the product or service which they may interested in. often times the prospect will have most, if not all of the information. To make the sale, the salesperson needs to be an expert and precise in delivering accurate information to prospects and thus assist with getting prospect to make the best possible purchase choice


As a salesperson, you need to have genuine interest and curiosity regarding the market and product which you are selling- being passionate goes a long way in encouraging prospects to gain interest in your product.

Modern sales skills demand spending more time researching prospects and learning about the market than other traditional sales techniques. This can inform every interaction you have with a prospect from first contact and nurturing to your sales pitch and closing the deal. The good news, you now have the tools you need to do this. For example: LinkedIn allows you to gather insights on sale prospects you never would have had access to in the past.

Effective Communication

As a salesperson, effective communication is what you depend on most to get your message across to prospects. Whether it is written or verbal, what you communicate must be accurate and for the most relevant person. Keep your audience in mind at times, this will ensure that your structure and deliver message for maximum impact.

Emotional Intelligence

Being emotionally intelligent will lead the modern salesperson to understand that customers or prospects require someone who will listen to understand what it is that they require. If you as a salesperson see the importance of developing a long lasting and prosperous relationship with the prospect, you must understand what it is that they need. You must be willing to hear them and see things from their point of view and therefore be in a better place to add value for them. Sincerity is key.

As confirmed by Salesforce UK (2014), ‘Good modern salespeople spend a good deal of time researching prospects on social networks – to learn about their professional role and issues as well as their personal interests. Whether it’s on LinkedIn as mentioned, or even on Twitter, it helps get to know your prospect as an individual, and establish a personal, meaningful connection.’


Confidence as a skill set is a key strength for salespeople, it may not come naturally to some, however, it needs to be developed in order to attain success. Prospects will be more open to those professional salespeople whose confidence is based in the knowledge of their product or service and have confidence in their ability to deliver the most superior and reliable solution.


The best way to learn what moves prospects is by talking to the people who know – other salespeople. The most successful salespersons today are great collaborators, they share best practices and give advice to each other – and they understand that offering their own unique insight will get them something equally valuable in return.

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