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Session One: Introduction

Good day and welcome. It is an honour and a pleasure for me to guide you through the various steps and actions one can take to increase one’s morale and create resilience in one’s life. These steps and activities are meant to give you clarity and a guide to your personal well-being.

Please watch Video 1A Introduction before proceeding with the rest of Session One.


Set aside a specific time whenever you do a session. Find a quiet space, switch off your cell phones and remove anything that will be a distraction. The various sessions have downloadable funsheets with exercises.

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If you were a superhero what would YOUR SUPERPOWER be?

This expands your belief into what you can be capable of.

It will give you a sense of how truly great you are.

Together we are going to address how to increase low morale, how we can rise up and how we can remain resilient in the face of uncertainty and change. The world is constantly changing and for us to live our best life we too have to change and adapt. As we change and adapt to the world around us, we become able to reach a level of resilience.

To cope and be resilient we are going to look at the role of our bodies, minds, and souls. The body, mind and soul are not separate, they are interrelated. We are going to look at each aspect and then see how together when they are all in a healthy state we can live life at an optimal level of satisfaction. This not only applies to our work environment but every aspect of our lives.

Being healthy and happy is a way to overcome the obstacles and challenges of day to day living and changes that show up.

We are going to look at easy to use practical tools and how we can implement them to attain happiness. When we are happy, we are then resilient and can face life’s obstacles with more ease.

By the end of the course, we will have found ways to be happy no matter what the situation as well as to remain resilient in the face of change.

Please watch the next video and do the Energy Expansion Exercise with me.



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