To be mentally healthy is to be able to have a clear mind, know our capacities and abilities and be able to cope with the challenges we face daily, even minute to minute.

Please watch Video 3A Mind Exploration before proceeding with the rest of Session Three.


To be able to have a clear mind we need to follow our thoughts and identify what we are thinking. If our thoughts are stressful and our mind chatter is about being worried this creates feelings of anxiety. This anxiety can also manifest in illness and disease. This can also lead to fear.

Keep track of your thoughts. You create your thoughts, so the first thing is to not think the thoughts.

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When you follow your thoughts ask yourself “Is this really my thought? Who did I learn this thought from?” The thought may have been something you learned from someone else, so if it is not your thought you can give it back to where you learned it from. Just let it go! Our thoughts can be changed the same way we use the remote control to change a TV channel. So recognise your thoughts, don’t judge them and then just change the channel. Think of something pleasant, then memorise it.

Watch Video3B Clearing Mind Clutter with me.


Do you know that fear is not real? Fear is worrying about something that may not even happen.

Get rid of the mind chatter, get rid of the fear!

Easier said than done you may say, so here are a few ways to clear your head.

Every time your thoughts create stress and anxiety change the channel to the thought you have memorised.

Stay fully present in the moment.

Dealing with the Past

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The past has happened and we cannot go back. So when you find yourself going back bring yourself into this moment that exists right now. This can be done simply by touching your hand, putting your forefinger to your thumb. Think of an unpleasant thought from the past. How does it make you feel? Acknowledge that feeling, breathe into that emotion and let it go; slowly bring your forefinger to your thumb and bring yourself into this very moment.

Dealing with the Future

The future has not yet happened. We do not know for sure what the future has in store for us. When you find, you are beginning to worry about the future go into the question. When we conclude something we solidify that thing, when we ask a question, we create a space for us to see different options that can arise?

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Do not make yourself wrong, rather acknowledge your thoughts and use these techniques to lift yourself into a higher vibration.

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