A healthy body makes for a healthy mind which enables us to be fit to address the various aspects of our living with greater ease. Our bodies house us and we require healthy bodies for us to function.

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More often than not we tend to abuse our bodies. You might ask how we abuse our bodies. Let me give you an example. We judge our bodies. Think about it for a minute. How many times have we said to ourselves: I am too fat, too short, too tall, I don’t like my nose and so on.

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Now is this not judging your body? Would you not say this is an “unkindness?”

I invite you to start being kind to your body.

The first step is to STOP THE JUDGEMENT and this is done by being grateful to your body.

Each of our bodies is unique to each one of us and to have more ease with our bodies we have to appreciate and be grateful to our bodies, for it is our bodies that allow us to do that which we require to live! Start by being grateful to your body. Talk to your body, it has its consciousness and it will hear you. Talk to your body at least once a day and thank your body for what it does for you. Say “thank you” to every single part of your body.

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Now that we have gratitude for our bodies let us take a look at physical health and dis-ease. Physical health is important if we need to function optimally. When we are stressed we tend to lock our emotions into our bodies and this can lead to illness. We need to have a healthy mind to support a healthy body. We will discuss the effects of the mind in the next session. For now, consider how to keep your physical health at its best.

This refers to what we eat and what activities we undertake. Remember as I said earlier each of our bodies is unique and specific to us. There is no “one size fits all”. Ask your body what it would like to eat, how often it would like to eat; listen for your body to tell you and follow that. Find an eating programme that fits your body and lifestyle.

Our bodies require physical activity, they require movement. Find what works for your body! Some people prefer hard impact gym programmes and intense exercises while others of us find this too much effort. For a simple way to increase movement, there are simple things we can implement.

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How many of us sit at a desk all day? During the workday make it a point to get up and stretch or just stand up and loosen up. Everyone, stand up where you are, stand on your toes and reach up as high as you can, now feet flat and just wiggle your body. Make it a point to do this several times during the day. You can even put a reminder on your phone.

Do simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park far from the entrance so you have a longer walk to your destination, put on some music and start or end your day dancing to one song and every week increase the number of songs you dance to.

Something we often forget to do is get enough sleep. Ensure you have enough sleep so that both body and mind are well-rested. Get enough fresh air and sunlight.

Physical Health

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Session Two: Body

In Summary

Kindness With And For Your Body

  1. Stop the judgement of your body
  2. Speak to your body
  3. Move your body
  4. Treat your body with kindness
  5. Give your body what it requires

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