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Purchasing and Procurement

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  1. Session One: Course Overview
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  2. Session Two: Supply Chain Management Basics
  3. Session Three: The Purchasing Cycle
  4. Session Four: Purchasing Toolkit
  5. Session Five: Managing Competitive Bids
  6. Session Six: Improving Efficiency and Accuracy
  7. Session Seven: Improving Efficiency and Accuracy
  8. Session Eight: Managing Internal Relationships
  9. Session Nine: Tools of the Trade
  10. Session Ten: A Personal Action Plan
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Identifying a Need

1 Sep 2021
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The Starting Point

In a small business, making a decision to purchase a package of paper can be dealt with simply. You load the last package of paper into the printer, and then stop at a stationery supplier on the way home and pick up a box. However, full retail price is probably not how much you’d like to spend, is it? This is part of the reason that having people knowledgeable about procurement is essential.

The need for a purchase normally starts in an operating department or the inventory control section. The procurement department gets notified of a need either when they receive a purchase requisition or when there is a notice on the material requirements planning (MRP) schedule.

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