The soul refers to our “spiritualness”.  Take a minute and ask yourself what does spirituality mean to you?

Please watch Video 4A Sensing Your Soul before proceeding with the rest of Session Four.


This is a broad area and it means so many different things to each one of us. The meaning of spirituality also changes as we change as individuals. To create a clearer picture can we say that spirituality is related to our values and beliefs that guide our actions as well as how we feel within ourselves.

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When we are spiritually healthy we can find peace and happiness irrespective of what is happening around us. A healthy spirit is able to have more clarity to assist us with making day to day choices. We become connected to ourselves as well as those around us, our co-workers, family and friends.

Part of being highly spiritual is connecting to your soul. Being aligned with your soul can also refer to the connection of “being” with you, the phenomenal being of who you truly are; fully present and fully aware. Once you are fully present with yourself, you can connect to the divine and this is when you can step into your awareness. This allows you to know beyond your logical mind. This means you can see the various situations you find yourself in and then you can make decisions that will be of benefit to you. Once you are connected and aware you will have a deeper sense of knowing what you need to do.

Spiritual health also refers to how we behave. Is our behaviour desirable or undesirable?

If we have a clear list of our values and beliefs we can then evaluate our spirituality in terms of our actions?

Do you complain, blame and find fault?

If any of these is yes then check to see what are your core beliefs and how aligned are they to your core values. What actions can you take to align your actions and emotions to your core values?

How often have you felt desolate and in despair?

When things become tough what do you do?

Do you go into victim mode and go into a state of “poor me?”  Is this a space you want to stay in? If your answer is no you may then ask “how do I get out of this?” Sometimes life looks so bleak and it seems there is no way to move from hopelessness into hope.

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A part of being soul-aligned is to honour your soul. Honouring your soul can be done by reviewing your core values and aligning them with your behaviour. This gives your soul a sense of fulfilment.

Once you have connected with your soul, look at how you connect with others. How do you respond and react to others? Are you aggressive and do you push your opinions on others, or do you listen and do you have a sense of kindness and caring? Once your soul is in a healthy state it becomes easier to recognise how you interact with others. If you interact from a place where your core values are aligned with how you act you will feel more fulfilled.

Watch Video4B Meditation For Mind Connection with me.


The soul needs nourishment. Lifting your vibration creates happiness and with the happiness, you can face your challenges and overcome them. Find what nourishment your soul requires. There are simple actions that can be taken that contributes to spiritual well-being. Choose and implement various practices that work for you:

You as a healthy soul can connect with yourself, your body and your mind. Always recognise the capacity you have and know that you are capable.

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